Sunday, February 26, 2012

Healthy Living and Vegetables

Morning by morning new mercies I see. I drive to work praying and watching the sunrise split the sky like a gateway to heaven.  In the evening after work I visit my parents for a short but often sweet time. Thankfully, they are both able to think coherently, make their own decisions and keep all of the family busy. Mamma at 87 knows many healthy recipes for maintaining good nutrition for diseases with which they both must deal, diabetes and hypertension. Daddy, at 90 years old, gardens to grow the vegetables which they enjoy.  Raw banana peppers, green onions and fresh tomatoes are part of the daily fare, while southern cooked turnips are their favorite. Gardening gives daddy great opportunities for outdoor activities. Unstable on his feet, he often scares us when sprawling face first across the garden or tripping over a root. Mamma  not only has learned about diabetic cooking, she also knows that looking out the window toward the garden can be anxiety provoking. She maintains her calm by being sure daddy wears his emergency call button around his neck and carries his walkie talkie with him. After all, they must have fresh vegetables to stay young.

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