Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jesus- The Light of The Soul

Depression is not something you sign up for. It is quiet and sneaky. Suddenly smothered by a depth into which you have fallen, you struggle to climb back into the light. I have found only one way. " Trust and Obey" is an old hymn that makes it plain that trusting Jesus will bring us back toward the magnificent loving, all-forgiving Jesus. I ask God to continue helping me to Trust and Obey. Prayer, Writing, Seeking without fear, reaching my hands fully toward heaven and professing my need for protection from the thorns that harm, but rather to be made aware of the dangers of the thorns so they become a wall of protection. This has been a year of recovering from the loss of my dear mamma last August 2012. Throughout 2013, I have lost my older brother, my stepdaughter,  and my 92 year old daddy. This had been a year of unknowns , smothered by the grief, but growing stronger because of the brightness of God's glory.
"Greater is he that is in you,than he that is in the world- 1 John 4:4 KJV
There is a song written by Judson W. Van Deventer,  who lived 1855-1939, with words added by Winfield S. Weeden who lived 1847-1908. "Sunlight" 
" I wandered in the shades of night, til Jesus came to me. And with the sunlight of his love made all my darkness flee" " Though clouds may gather in the sky, And billows round me roll, However dark the world may be, I've sunlight in my soul.." " Soon I shall see Him as He is, The Light that came to me, Behold the brightness of His face, Throughout eternity."

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