Friday, March 2, 2012

Mamma's Simple Surgery

The podiatrist said it would be a simple procedure to release the tendons beneath the three toes on mamma's left foot. He had determined the procedure to be necessary to prevent her toes from being pulled further downward. She is diabetic and did not need to endure the damages posed by the toes ulcerating from rubbing her shoe.The doctor felt it would be safer for her to enter the outpatient surgical center, have the procedure in a sterile setting, and return home the same day. Due to her chronic respiratory condition, she could not undergo general anesthesia, so the anesthesiologist performed a "block" behind her left knee. Surgery of any type for an 87 year old should be undertaken only after serious consideration and I naturally had many questions. After surgery, I asked the podiatrist how long her foot would remain numb and he said about 12 hours. When 24 hours passed, her leg was still numb and she still remained bed bound due to her inability to stand Even though her foot was warm with a good pulse and the dressing was dry, I knew it was time to contact the physician.  The podiatrist told me her foot would likely take longer to regain feeling due to her age and slower metabolism.  After 36 hours, her leg and foot regained normal feeling. Mamma laughed when my daughter used the rolling walker to move her to the rocker where she relaxed with her morning coffee. I always marvel at the indomitable spirit of my mother.
Psalm 89:16-17 "In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted." 17 " "For thou art the glory of their strength."

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